Our mission is to research, investigate, and provide assistance to those who are experiencing paranormal activity. Based out of Connecticut, the group conducts objective investigations, using practical methods and documentation. We strive to document tangible, measurable evidence though the group stays open-minded to the metaphysical and also utilizes those techniques during investigations.

T.S.P.I. Seeks to cultivate a reputation for professionalism, integrity, which supports the paranormal society activities, and to further the field of paranormal.


Essential qualities of our members:


Honesty: Members will strive to be honest in all group activities, knowing that honesty integral to the legitimacy of society operations.


Professionalism: Members should be committed to quality and outstanding practices that set T.S.P.I. apart from the amateur in the paranormal field.


Service:  We value the opportunity to provide assistance in a manner, which objective, professional, courteous, and responsive — an attitude of respect for a client’s needs and assisting those who are experiencing paranormal activity.


Respect:  Treat people with courtesy and politeness. We respect that paranormal encounters can be traumatic, and will never marginalize a person's perspective. We will always everyone with respect and treat those who have passed on with deference. 


Discernment: We should always do our best to look for things that are natural occurrences in life.  The ability to challenge common perceptions, and to find alternative answers to a situation is essential to finding solutions. Members should always use common sense and apply their knowledge to a situation.


Excellence: We always aim to do our best. To further the legitimacy of the paranormal society by still doing a good job and provide services that are above the paranormal field standard.



Q: Who is T.S.P.I.?


A: We are paranormal investigators based out of New London County, Connecticut. We provide assistance to clients mostly in the New England area. We investigate claims of supernatural activity, research paranormal events, educate the public, and provide assistance to those in need.


Q: What does T. S. P. I. stand for?


A: T. S. P. I. is an acronym for the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations. The name reflects the Thames River area, where most of our members are geographically located.


Q: How do I contact T.S.P.I.?


A: The best way to contact us is via email: tspiparanormal@gmail.com. You can also reach us by calling  920.940.TSPI and you will reach the Society Director, Shamus Denniston.


Q: What type of things does T.S.P.I. investigate?


A:  We investigate reports of supernatural occurrences (i.e. hauntings, ghosts, poltergeist, and even negative hauntings). Sometimes the activity reported is centered on a person, place, and sometimes even objects. We have experience with all types of hauntings. Most of the time, we are requested to investigate claims at a specific location. Clients have requested investigations of homes, businesses, historic buildings, colleges, theaters, and other types of properties.


Q: Is my home haunted?


A: Most alleged hauntings are not supernatural at all. For example, you may hear strange noises in the attic. Maybe you have witnessed a door open on its own. Sometimes things could be misidentified events that are common in everyday life. The noises in your attic could be an animal activity (in that case you need an exterminator, not T.S.P.I.).  The door that opens on its own, could just be a loose hinge or gentle breeze. Not to say these things could not also be paranormal. However, I encourage you to consider the logical before contacting a trusted paranormal team.


Q: Is there ever a fee for services?


A:  We do not charge a few for our private investigations. We conduct investigations - research because we have been brought together through our shared experiences with the supernatural. We are a not-for-profit organization and we are privately funded by its members and our public events. We take pride in helping our clients and we could never accept payment for that.


Q:  How do you investigate?

A:  T.S.P.I. conducts objective investigations, by means of practical methods and documentation. We strive for tangible, measurable evidence, to provide our clients with answers. On occasions, we have consulted with members of the religious community. Metaphysical methods are also explored and used. However, we would never present it as evidence without something tangible to support it.


Q: Do you use psychics or mediums on investigations?

A:  There are members of the team that have abilities to various degrees. However, each member is investigator first, and will not make opinions on an outcome of an investigation without tangible findings.

Q: Is there a way to help the group further its objectives?


A: Since everything the group does is privately funded by its members, it can get costly serving those in need. All donations go the purchase of equipment, travel expenses, and other group endeavors. If you are interested in supporting the group, email the Director at tspiparanormal@gmail.com or call 920.940. TSPI (8774).

Q: Do you accept new members into the paranormal society?

A: We receive frequent requests for society membership. Though we are not currently seeking members, please contact us, so we may reach out to you when we are recruiting again.

I hope this answers some of the questions that you may have. If you are in need of further assistance or have questions. Contact us via email at tspiparanormal@gmail.com or call 920.940.TSPI (8774).

Warmest Regards,

Shamus Denniston

Founder & Director of TSPI