The Avery-Copp House, located in Groton, CT, was built circa 1800 by Captain Rufus Avery. He was the first soldier to observe an approaching British fleet led by Brigadier General Benedict Arnold and Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Eyre at Fort Griswold in The Battle of Groton Heights during the Revolutionary War. He built this house right next to his own for his two sons and their wives.



   Eventually, the property was sold to their cousin Latham Avery, a successful sea merchant and then was inherited by his daughter Mary Jane Avery Ramsdell who Victorianised the home in the 1860's. After her passing the house was given to her niece Betsey Avery Copp, her husband Belton, and their three children.




      The last residence of the house was Joe Copp, the son of Betsey Copp, who took over the responsibility of the house after his parents passing in the 1930's. Joe lived there until he died in 1991 at the age of 101 and the home was turned into a museum. Luckily Joe changed very little to the interior and exterior of the house making it a perfect representation of a family home prior to 1930's.



      Throughout the years, the staff has reported unusual occurrences. They included audio and visual claims. They always hear the sound of things being moved about while in the building, but never able to locate the source.

      On one occasion, a visitor staying by himself in the home in the north 2nd-floor bedroom for a couple of days. He was awakened two different occasions in the middle of the night to the sound of footsteps in the hallway outside of his room. One instance, the person witnessed the sound of the back door opening and closing when no one was around.

      Another claim was connected to a room on the first floor. A neighbor to the Avery-Copp House and others passing by the home have reported seeing a woman in the Victorian clothes standing in the window on occasion.

Aerial of the Avery-Copp House
EVP: Footsteps - TSPI
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Investigator Stephanie Sutera in Emily's Bedroom

EVP: Servants Quarters - TSPI
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Director Shamus Denniston in the Servant's Quarters

Ghost Box- Worthless Table - TSPI
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Investigator Todd Radley in the Parlor

Ghost Box- They See - TSPI
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Investigator Todd Radley They See


On Sunday, May 6th, 2012, The Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations conducted an investigation of the Avery-Copp House, located at 154 Thames Street, Groton CT, 06340. The investigation lasted about 8 hours, where interesting occurrences occurred.

We were able to document signs of paranormal activity and later presented our findings to the Avery-Copp House staff. During the investigation of this home, investigators on a few occasions heard unusual noises that are best described as whispering. The team was able to experience one of the claims of someone walking around on the second floor. At another time, Investigator Stephanie Sutera reported having heard the sound of footsteps on the 2nd floor in Emily's bedroom.

 We looked into some of the visual claims of a woman in the window. The team did not witness anything like that. 

In the attic, where the female servants quarters had been located another EVP was captured. There is strong indication that it was one of the servants of Irish ancestry. Due to the framing of the question around the Irish Potato Famine that Director Shamus Denniston asks which gets a whispered reply. 


 At one point in the night, Senior Investigator Todd Radley while using a piece of experimental equipment called the “Ghost Box” caught what appears to sound like "This table is worthless." He was in the parlor on the first floor referring to a table in the room at the time.  Todd also caught another clip that sounds like "They See." 

It is the opinion of TSPI that the property has “Spiritually Activity”. Depending on environmental conditions and time of year, the activity may increase or decrease.  One main environmental factor is the fact it is so close to the Thames River. In our research, we find moving water and bodies of water tend to be a conductor of energy. Sometimes fueling paranormal events.  In this case, the history played a big part.  The activity is most likely connected to all artifacts that belong to the family. Possibly creating conditions, where a deceased family member is watching over things and having attachments to these objects.