Dana Michelle

Medium & Investigator in Training

In her career, Dana is a private investigator. She loves the world of investigative research and studies criminal justice often, as she continues to advance her career in private investigation. In addition to being one of the team's mediums, Dana assists our Case Manager Laura Palmese with property and historical research and client interviews.

Dana Michelle was born and raised in the small town of East Hampton, Connecticut. She has always been interested in the paranormal world, as it has always been a part of her life. The first appearance of her mediumship abilities started in her youth. In her adult life, Dana attended the Psyche Institute of Higher Learning at the Healing in Harmony Center, where she learned the skills to strengthen her abilities and over time has brought her to a place where she can use those abilities to help individuals heal through difficult times which is what led her to the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations.



Outside of her career and TSPI, she is a vocalist in a Connecticut based classic metal band. Performance and the arts provide a more creative and valuable way for Dana to learn about life. In addition, she is also an avid reader with an infatuation with horror and true crime novels. Dana is horror movie buff and a die-hard fan of the Evil Dead series.