Investigator & Researcher Eamonn Denniston

Eamonn now enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and his family. In his spare time, he loves being outside, hiking, going to the beach, whatever it may be. When he's not outside he can be found enjoying his largest passion, the film industry. He jokingly considers himself a movie encyclopedia. His tastes vary from Star Wars to comic book movies, to cult classics and he also enjoys the latest blockbuster hits, but he particularly enjoys the horror genre which is undeniably fueled by his love for the paranormal.  

Eamonn Denniston has the position of investigator/ researcher with the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations. During the initial parts of investigation night, he assists the Equipment Manager and the Technical Manager with setting up the team's equipment such as cameras, and wiring and properly organizing all hand-held equipment; flashlights, emf readers, etc.. Then assist in taking base readings of each room at the location for temperature, ambient noise, and search for safety hazards. 

Eamonn became interested in the paranormal at a very young age, as the home he lived in located in Montville, Connecticut with his family was plagued with paranormal activity, nothing dangerous or harmful, but ones that made itself known on a regular basis. As a child spirits could be heard calling his name, as well as his family's names. Vivid night terrors, as well as encountering a presence while sleeping one night were the types of experiences that made such a deep impact on him that it followed him into his adult life as he enjoys researching paranormal phenomena and theology especially when it pertains to Europe, much of that intrigue came from traveling to many different countries with his family while growing up. 

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