Medium & Investigator Emma Martinez

In 2005, she attended college at Texas &M International University where she majored in the criminal justice program and received a minor in psychology. During her senior year at TAMIU, Emma worked with the Laredo Homicide Department. This experience was a turning point for her as she was able to start communicating with spirits that had past on. In 2008, Emma graduated from TAMIU and decided to change paths and become a social worker. Through this experience, she worked with several drug addicts to help them in their recovery. Emma would frequently connect with spirits who had the past away from heroin addiction. This became a driving force behind her continuing her education and writing a dissertation on needle –exchange programs. One of Emma’s primary beliefs was that a needle-exchange program could serve as an HIV harm reduction effort.




Outside of her work life and TSPI Emma likes to spend her time reading British Literature and scholarly research articles.  She also enjoys snowboarding, watching movies, and traveling, but mostly reading.  

Emma Martinez was born on April 10, 1987, in Dunoon, Scotland. Emma’s earliest childhood was spent living in La Maddalena, Italy, a small island off the coast of Sardinia. Since 1991, Emma shared her experiences with spirits to her parents and family members. The earliest memory was being greeted by a mythological creature known as the “Green Man.” Emma’s beliefs in the after life grew has her clairvoyant and clairsentient skills advanced with age.

Although Emma understood that society viewed life and afterlife to be parallel, she chose to believe that they are interconnected.  In 2013, Emma decided to utilize her gift and join Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations where she acts as the teams Medium.

“I find it difficult to grieve someone’s death because they really didn't go anywhere. At least not from my perspective.”

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