Equipment Manager & Investigator Garrett Fernando

Garrett Fernando TSPI

Garrett Fernando was born in Westerly, Rhode Island, briefly lived in San Diego, California, but moved to Connecticut in the late 90's. He is an avid reader enjoying science fiction and fantasy novels. In his spare time, he also likes movies, television, and playing video games. His favorite pastime happens to be sleeping. 


Since Garrett was young he always was fascinated by the possibility that there could be more to the world than what was known. Becoming a paranormal investigator gives him the outlet to search for such things.

In 2013 he attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Bristol focusing on videography, radio broadcasting, and newscasting. In 2016 he joined TSPI and became the team's Equipment Manager as well as one of our videographers and also assists with narration in TSPI Presents: Into the Black. In addition, he is one of the group's investigators.