Julie Anne Millspaugh

Writer & Investigator in Training

Julie has always had a fascination for the paranormal. Since an early age, Julie has been attuned to paranormal activities that are not easily explained or seen by other people. Julie grew up and worked in a family business that was haunted. This sparked an interest in her ability to learn more about the possibilities of the unknown and to gain a greater understanding about this fascinating field of research.

One of the newest members of TSPI, Julie will be writing for TSPI’s Haunted Blog and assisting both Director’s with administrative tasks as needed. Julie has a professional background in Criminology and Psychology. Julie was born and raised in Connecticut. Julie briefly lived in Washington D.C., and the surrounding areas when she worked for the United States Marshals Service. Upon her return to Connecticut, she focused her work in criminal rehabilitation and intervention services.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys listening to all types of music. She is passionate about writing and loves to read. Other activities include watching movies, exploring new places, but most of all Julie enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets.