A Paranormal Evening at the Ashbel Woodward House

A Paranormal Evening at the Ashbel Woodward House!!
Join TSPI (Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations and the Ashbel Woodward House for a paranormal evening filled with fun and ghosts! Attend paranormal workshops, a ghost hunt, or both!

Registration Workshop #1


Registration Workshop #2 $30

Combo Tickets

(Both Workshop & Ghost Hunt) 


Members of TSPI will lead you through different workshops while investigating the Woodward in search of spirits. Some topics that will be covered are EVP, Spirit Box, Paranormal Photography, Mediumship and more! Refreshments will be provided!

Workshop #1 

(Check-In & Refreshments 6:30-7PM in the Gift Shop) 
Workshop #2 

(Check-In & Refreshments 8:30-9PM in the Gift Shop) 

Spots are limited to 10 students per workshop

Paranormal Workshops

In this event, you will shadow TSPI in a private investigation of the Woodward museum as guest investigators. This event is where investigators will lead you through a more intimate experience. The TSPI team will be on hand as we use the equipment they use in the field for a more hands-on experience! Guest Investigators will have total access to the house in search of the supernatural. This event is not instructional, however, geared more towards those that wish to experience a paranormal investigation. Recordings from your vigil will we provided via the TSPI Website. Refreshments will be served! 


(Check-In & Refreshments 10:30PM-11PM in the Gift Shop) 

Spots are limited to 15 Guest Investigators for the hunt.

Ghost Hunt Tickets


Combo Tickets

(Both Workshop & Ghost Hunt) 


Ghost Hunt

Unfortunately, we had an equipment malfunction.

One of our voice recorders has ceased functioning and we have lost the audio for 3 of the vigils.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. 

Click on the Link & Listen to the Audio from your Vigil or Download it.


 If you find something place the timestamp in the comment box below.

Spectres Vigil 1

Spectres Vigil 2

Revenants Vigil 3

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Ghost Hunt Work Shop and Investigations Rules:

You are highly encouraged to bring a personal flashlight. Only small camera bags, backpacks, or fanny packs are permitted. Please leave any extra items in your vehicle. You may bring digital recorders, cameras, camcorders as long as they are hand-held sized. Spirit boxes or Franks Box will be not permitted on site. We will have one during the event. Divination devices are not permitted. TSPI reserves the right to determine if your device or item can be used during the event.


Please be respectful with cell phones, be sure to place your phone on silent and take any phone calls outside. No two-way radios are permitted. 

You may exit the building at any time, go to your car, get some fresh air, etc. Please be advised that once you leave the grounds, there will be no-reentry.

Absolutely no photography or video image is to be used for personal profit without the expressed written permission from the TSPI or the Ashbel Woodward House. Please feel free to share photos with TSPI and the Woodward House. 

Please be respectful of other hunters and keep the noise levels to a minimum. Anyone found scaring people on purpose or being told repeatedly to quiet down will be escorted from the grounds immediately. Tickets are non-refundable. 

Removal or damage of any Ashbel Woodward or TSPI property will result in immediate expulsion from the premises. 

Please do not attempt to access any areas of the house that are locked or caution-taped off.


Please do not touch any of the displays or artifacts.


Please do not take anything that does not belong to you.


Please stay with your designated team member at all times for safety and enjoyment of all participants. 


Participants are to follow the direction of their designated guide at all times.


No horseplay or disruptive behavior.


No smoking inside the building.


No food or drink is permitted in the investigation areas.


Dress Code: Please dress for the elements. You may be going between the building and the barn. Also, it will be October, and it can get cold in certain parts of the building. Please dress accordingly. Also, please wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking and standing at times. Also, no open toe shoes for safety reasons.

No drugs or alcohol. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to exit the building and sober up or wait for a ride. Anyone found consuming alcohol or using drugs will be immediately escorted from the grounds.

The Ashbel Woodward has documented paranormal activity. However, we cannot guarantee you will have a paranormal encounter. There will not be any actors jump scaring you or anything of that sort. Some may find the activity scary due to its nature. However, there may be times where participants may experience emotional effects, become frightened by the experience, or become overwhelmed. In those instances, let the team member know if you are feeling sick or faint immediately. So, we can escort you from the house.

As paranormal investigators, we always are respectful of the living and the dead. No provocation of the spirits is allowed. As for the living, all people are different and have different perspectives on the paranormal. We ask that all participants be respectful of the investigators, the Woodward Staff, and other Guests.



Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

You must be at least 13 years old to attend the events. A parent or guardian must accompany persons under 18 years old.


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

The Woodward House is located conveniently off of Route 32 in Franklin, CT. The address is 387, route 32, Franklin, CT 06254. Turn onto Plains Road, and it is the first driveway on the right. Follow the driveway, up the hill to the house. Parking is free.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?



What's the refund policy?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds. Spots are limited.

All proceeds to go to TSPI and the Ashbel Woodward to support operations and future events.

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