Director & Founder Shamus Denniston

Shamus Denniston is the Director and Founder of the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations. In October 2010 he formed the team in search of answers to the unknown. As the Director he is the main link between our clients and the team which includes but isn't limited to preliminary interviews with potential clients, constructing the investigations, and the follow-up. He is responsible for overseeing all of the projects that TSPI is involved in as well as the glue that holds the group together as a leader.

Born in Rochester, NY, his family moved to Connecticut, into a paranormally active home. Shamus is of Irish (father) and Italian (mother) ancestry. With his father being from "the old country" he was raised around family ghost stories, the little people (leprechauns), banshee, and other spirits. This fueled his curiosity and led him to form TSPI years later.

In his career, he works in the higher education public safety field. He has studied criminal justice, investigations, and emergency management. In his personal life, he loves spending time with his family and has a keen interest in the martial arts, where he has attained advanced rank in several systems. Shamus continues to inform, teach, and help others while working in the paranormal field as well as through public appearances, lectures, and radio appearances.

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