The Do's and Dont's: Do You Think Your Home is Haunted?


1- Don't assume everything you see or hear is a ghost. If you assume everything is a ghost. You will walk around your home in fear.

2- Don't yell, provoke or scream at the spirit that could be in your home. It may make things worse.

3- Don't attempt to do your own investigation. Leave that to experienced investigators or ghost hunters. Spirits can become attached to you and then things will most certainly go downhill.

4-Don't ignore that you have a spirit. Ignoring it, won't make the problem go away.

5- If someone in your home says they saw a ghost, and you don't believe in ghosts. Don't minimize their experience, what they experienced feels real to them.


1- Do be a good witness. If unusual things keep happening in your home. Keep a journal of these events. Be sure to include dates and times, other witnesses and what happened. This can be helpful if you have to call in professional paranormal investigators.

2- Do be brave. You do not want to be a victim of circumstance, after all, it's your home.

3- If you do think you have a ghost. It's important to be respectful. Not all spirits are evil. In fact, most spirits are not.

4- Do be reasonable and rationale, attempt to explain unusual events if you can, by natural means.

5- Lastly, do seek help from someone experienced and trained to deal with the paranormal.

Written By

Shamus Denniston

Director & Founder

Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations

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