A Newbie’s First “Ghost Hunt”

After a full day of work and then a trip to the dentist to get some cavities filled, you might think that staying up until 2 am to sit in a dark auditorium would be the last thing on my to-do list. Wrong! As an Investigator-in-Training, last Friday was my very first paranormal research expedition and I was so excited! First, a tour of the investigation site which was a local theater said to be occupied by at least 2 spirits. Second, the team determined where the equipment would be set up. At this point, I primarily watched as the team members assembled everything. I was surprised by how much of it there is! Shamus, Stephanie, and Marilyn were very patient with me and my questions.

The experience of sitting by myself in the back of a large, vacant, dark auditorium was unprecedented. While I had originally worried about becoming sleepy (or worse, bored) this did not happen at all as the mental energy it takes to actively listen to the environment keeps you very much alert and interested. As my eyes adjusted to the lack of light, the keen awareness of every little creak as the building settles around us is energizing. Then the first voice recording

session began. The EVP sessions are strange at first; honestly it initially felt a little silly asking questions into a dark, empty room. The expectation of a response is palpable as I strained to hear something, anything in reply. The team was great about teaching me what to listen for and that sometimes the answers are detectable only afterwards when reviewing the recordings.

I jumped. More than once. I am not too proud to admit it. The basement of the theater was particularly creepy and I do not yet have the calm composure of the team members, which I can only assume comes along with being the experienced professionals that they are. Shamus and the

others were great about it and did not make me feel badly. I expect that with time I will become less “jumpy”. After several hours of investigation, the evening concludes with the careful taking down of all the equipment, and at this point I am pretty tired out but very grateful to have had such a positive first experience.

Being an over-zealous newbie, the first thing I did when I woke up the next morning was to listen to the EVP recordings. To hear an unaccounted for human-voice on the recording was exhilarating; my first piece of real evidence, clear and unmistakable. I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

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