Who else is hanging out with their Ghost Buddies on Lockdown?!

During the quarantine, we all have been spending loads of time at home. How many of us previously spent our days at work. Unless you have been hitting up the local grocery store or Walmart, you may be reading this from the comfort of your living room. Before, COVID-19 most of us were spending our evenings blissfully unaware of what goes bump in the night, or what may be strolling the hallways of your home in the afternoon (maybe your dog or cat may already know). You start to notice the weird noises your home makes. As I write, I am listening to Zuul, the Gatekeeper of Gozer, knocking around in the my refrigerator ( you ghostbusters fans know what I mean).

In all seriousness, now that you are working in that home office, you are getting acclimated with the noises your house makes. You may have noticed some strange things, and wondered if that weird knock is not so random. If I haven't mentioned it already, I believe in Ghosts. However, I do not believe that every home has one. I heard somewhere once, that one in ten homes have a ghost. But, I can say that TSPI regularly sees claims of hauntings. In my humble opinion, one in twenty claims that come across my desk, result in a paranormal activity to various

degrees. Taking into account all the screening we do, before an investigation is even done.

For those that are getting creeped out by their home, make sure you get to know what is normal before you jump to conclusions. In fact, that noise I am hearing my fridge is not Gozer, but the ice maker. My point is, get to know your home. Spending time with it, being your own detective not only will put you at ease, but you may find that you need to call a plumber, electrician or an exterminator. It may save you a fortune in the long run. Furthermore, if you do find Casper the ghost, or even Gozer. Give us a call, we will be happy to help.

All the best,

Shamus Denniston

Director of TSPI

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