Survival Systems Inc. is a company committed to teaching safety and survival education. It's main hub is located in Groton, Connecticut in the United States.


The property once was a part of The Trumbull Airport, established as the first State of Connecticut airport in 1929.

In 1941 the United States Army Air Corps took over the land to be used as an Air Force training facility. The property was then designated as the 'Groton Army Airfield'. In 1944 the USAAF turned the airfield's property over to the United States Navy to operate as an auxiliary to 'Quonset Point', a major naval facility used throughout World War II in Rhode Island. By 1946 the Navy had given the premises back to the state of Connecticut. The airfield is now known as the Groton-New London Airport currently residing across from Survival Systems.



Survival Systems Inc., founded in the 90's, operates as a training facility that specializes in underwater survival which frequently works with the U.S. Military, NASA, and the FBI, as well as a plethora of other law enforcement agencies.


The facility houses a 30x40ft submersion tank where individuals are ditched into the pool inside one of 9 helicopter or airplane simulators, which are replicas of an aircraft's main body. Individuals are then flipped upside down where they are taught to safely escape from the submerged fuselage in a multitude of situations where time and preparedness are often crucial to surviving. The complex also doubles as a location for television and film shoots where most recently an episode of the Netflix drama “The OA” was filmed.

Survival System with the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigatons

Survival Systems USA

Groton, Connecticut


TSPI was contacted by Survival Systems USA because employees were experiencing paranormal activity. One part of the building that contains office space seemed to them to be particularly active. A particular employee reported having items tossed at him while residing at his desk. He seemed to experience more activity than others but there were similar experiences from them as well.  

The Investigation

On October 30, 2016, TSPI investigators traveled to Survival Systems USA in Groton, Connecticut to try and find evidence of the paranormal. The building consists of two separate sections, one of which holds offices and classrooms while the other holds the pool which has an upper and lower level. 

TSPI Investigator Eamonn Denniston

At dusk as the team set up their gear and Associate Director, Stephanie Sutera made her rounds shooting b-roll for their web series TSPI Presents: Into the Black. During this process unbeknownst to her, she captured a man speaking to the team as they worked below the pool. The person on the recording was unlike any of their team member's voices or the client's.   

Yo Yo Yo - TSPI
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Yo Yo Yo (Isolated) - TSPI
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Plastic Cup - TSPI
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Plastic Cup (Isolated) - TSPI
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Their Medium Emma Martinez claimed to have had contact with a man prior to the investigation after being shown a photograph of the property. As soon as she entered the building Emma was drawn to a section of photographs in that same hallway particularly to one photo of a lone man with a blank name tag.  In a sea of pictures, the identities of those people were unknown to the current staff as they were taken over many years.  


Whilst in the office with the most claims Emma also was touched and could hear voices during one of the vigils.​

On a few occasions while in the office and classroom section of the building, the group had a few experiences. While Investigator Eamonn Denniston and Associate Director Stephanie Sutera were in the hallway that provides access to all of the rooms for that part of the premises heard what sounded like a plastic cup being thrown. After searching they could not find the producer of that sound but it can be heard on the audio recording.

Although the TSPI has a strict privacy policy some of the locations let the society reveal the groups' data collected during the hunt.  Fortunately, the clients allowed the Thames Society of Paranormal Investigations to present their findings on their series TSPI Presents: Into the Black in the episode titled Survival Systems which features a more in-depth look into the night. 


The night was filled with experiences ranging from audible noises coupled with an investigator being touched. Although their Medium's encounters with the photograph as well as the contacts she made prior to the investigation are compelling unfortunately TSPI maintains that data of the metaphysical variety is to be considered as experimental in their eyes, therefore, should only be kept in mind and not used as solid evidence. 


However, the clip of audio recorded during the beginning of their hunt in the lower pool area leads the team to believe that there is a very good possibility of paranormal activityoccurringg at Survival Systems.